Vocalist and Multiple instrumentalist Reed Skahill began his musical career by playing piano by ear at the young age of 7. He would hear a song on the radio or television and would proceed to tap it out on an old Steinway piano in his familys home. Self taught and determined to expand his sound Reed picked up a Synosonic electric guitar at the age of 14. At the age of 25 Reed continues to compose and will soon release the 9th album he has been a part of.


Mike was first introduced to rock n roll at a young age and quickly picked up the guitar at 12 years old, creating his first band in the 7th grade and playing all around his hometown until he graduated high school. Shorty after, mike moved to Tallahassee and got heavily involved in the music scene and started playing professionally at clubs, bars, and festivals on a regular basis. After graduating college, Mike moved to St Petersburg to pursue musical endeavors and joined Ajeva after a few months. Mike has a unique style, largely influenced by funk and jam music as well as many other genres. 

Fool’s Paradise – Spotlight On Florida Talent

"First up on Saturday at 1pm is Ajeva. This six-piece group based out of St. Petersburg has been crushing sets all over Florida and beyond for a while now."


Travis began exploring music in 2003. In his early years of grade school Travis decided to join the concert band. As he continued into his latter years of grade school, Travis continued to expand his musical niche by leading the concert and marching bands as the drum captain. After the conclusion of grade school, Travis realized that there was something missing. He didn’t have the routine of incorporating music into his daily life through band. Travis’s mother bought him his first drum set in 2010. Travis notes, “I owe it all to my mother for being such a positive role model and encouraging me to continue with my music whole heartedly.”

Through the years after grade school Travis played in different genres of music until he found his own sound. Travis has settled in to two different bands Ajeva (2012) and TRC (2013) which he brings his own touch of funk-fueled dance rhythms that will keep you grooving all night. When asked what music means to Travis he stated that, “Music is a universal language. It has been given to us as a gift to help heal our people and this earth. I strive to make positive music that will uplift our people and bring us together as one”


 Elliot Dickinson grew up in a musical household where writing songs and recording diddies on a four track tape machine was a common weekend activity. As a child he expressed minimal interest but eventually the roots took hold. At sixteen Elliot formed his first band made up of classmates and friends from the high school marching band. He went on to study some classical music and recording techniques in college but found that he was more of a songwriter and performer than an orchestral musician. In 2011 Elliot moved to St. Petersburg, FL and has since written and recorded with groups such as the Rosewoods and Broke Mr. Jones.


AJEVA (ah-JAY-vuh) is a Progressive Funk, six piece powerhouse hailing from St. Petersburg, FL. They spread their message of peace, unity and higher consciousness through music with infectious grooves and driving energy. Composed of Reed Skahill (lead vocals), Taylor Gilchrist (bass), Travis Young (drums/vocals), Mark Mayea (keys/vocals), Elliot Dickinson (guitar/vocals) and Michael Nivens (lead guitar), Ajeva has been playing all over the South-East since March 2013. These gentlemen pride themselves on providing the ultimate voyage for your earholes, with an enthralling live show that will keep you watching and listening.

The Evolution of Ajeva

​"Not only are the guys a powerhouse of excitement on stage, they are just as colorfully entertaining in a casual setting. Get to know Reed Skahill (lead Vox/Guitar), Skyler Golden (lead Guitar), Mark Mayea (lead Keys), Taylor Gilchrist (bass) and Travis Young (drums) in this candid interview which could easily be turned into a reality t.v. show about the life of musicians on the road."




Mark was first introduced to music at a young age. When he was 5 years old, his parents got him a toy piano. Soon after, they noticed him playing back the songs from his favorites TV shows and enrolled him in private lessons. Mark spent his adolescence moving school to school and continued his classical training through private lessons. He attended a high school for the performing arts  where he expanded his abilities, participating in musicals, the choir, and other activities. When he was 17 years old, he began playing in a local church and became acquainted with the Organ. 

After a few years of playing in his local scene and working for the church, Mark attended Orange Blossom Jamboree, where he met Ajeva. Soon after, he moved to St. Petersburg, FL, and was asked to become a part of the band. Mark has helped evolve the band’s sound and push its members to new heights. Mark has been featured as an “Artist at Large” at a few of the Florida festivals and can be seen playing around frequently. 


Ajeva is currently in the studio working on their 4th album.


- Evolve (2016)

- Let's Do It... Try It (2014)

- Bombthreat Loaches (2013)


Taylor started playing music at an early age. He first began music classes in school during the 4th grade and continued his musical journey on the trombone. After a few years in concert band classes, he took up the guitar in 6th grade and soon after found his home on the bass guitar. Throughout middle and high school he was a part of jazz band, concert band, and marching band. He later completed his formal education receiving a Associates degree in Bass Performance from Saint Petersburg College.

After graduating high school and attending college, Taylor began playing with a variety of local acts ranging from Reggae to Jazz Fusion. He also works frequently as a session musician with various studios/artists in the Tampa Bay Area, and has been a member of Ajeva since 2013. 

Ajeva is On the Rise with New Album ‘Evolve’​

"A year ago, a feature about Ajeva, the funk band from Gulfport, would have been about a quartet of young men who believed in their musical vision enough to live and work together toward that goal. They were an excellent four-piece band.
And then they decided to ‘evolve’ to a sextet — with superb results — last summer, and since then they have been playing awesome shows all over Florida for fans who cannot help but get caught up in the tidal wave of rock, soul, reggae, fusion… and funk."